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Strength Kit 13mm -Black

Strength Kit 13mm -Black

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The 13mm Lever Belt, 7mm Knee Sleeves, Padded Lifting Straps, and 18" Wrist Wraps are all part of the GymDady Strength Kit.

Your package will come with a set of wrist wraps, lifting straps, and a lever belt in the sizes you specify.

GymDady gym kit, such as our authentic leather 13mm Lever Belt, is made with premium materials and textiles to provide you with exceptional stability and support.


Every Strength Kit includes:

  1. A 13mm Lever Weightlifting Belt
  2. 1 Pair of 7mm Knee Sleeves (Black)
  3. 1 Pair of Wrist Wraps (Black)
  4. 1 Pair of Padded Lifting Straps (Black)


    Our Gym Kits are premium quality designed specially for a longer comfortable workouts. We provide 1 year warranty on weight lifting gears as we feel its important to strengthen our bond with you. Join us for a strong, healthy lifestyle. GYMDADY LIFESTYLE!


    13mm GymDady Lever Belt

    With a sleek design, simple lever operation, and superior quality leather, our 13mm lever weightlifting belt is built to last. When performing your toughest sets, train with the best back support. The belt and the lever on this belt have a one-year warranty.

    Neoprene knee sleeves in 7mm

    GymDady 7mm Knee Sleeves increase blood flow, offer compression during and after an exercise, and support joints. These IPF and USPA-approved neoprene knee sleeves can assist reduce knee stress, soreness, and discomfort without limiting your range of motion.

    18" Wrist Wraps for GymDady

    Wrist Wraps provide dependable support for Olympic lifts, the shoulder press, the bench press, and other exercises. They are IPF and USPA certified.

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    Sweat-wicking finishes, seamless stretch fabric, and distraction-free designs allow you to lift in comfort and support every day, in every way.